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Practice Areas

We offer a range of legal services at Hurter Wilson, with each one tailored for individuals, families, and businesses. Listed below are some of the most popular practice areas our clients count on us to provide.


Give us a call at (727) 317-0038 to find out how we can meet your specific legal needs. 

Estate Planning 


Whether you need estate planning services for the first time or simply looking to update an exisiting plan, it is always a good time to let our team help ensure your affairs are in order. We can help draft your will, create a trust program for you or your family, or even simply assist you or a loved one with heathcare planning. 

Employment Law

The attorneys at our firm have the experience needed to assist both businesses and individual employees with the myrid issues that arise in the employment context.  Call us today whether you need help defending against a claim of discrimination or you wish to understand your rights to recovery for a wrongful termination. 



Litigation is rarely an ideal option but in some situations it is the only one.  In such cases Hurter & Wilson, P.A. has the drive and experience to represent the interests of businesses and individuals alike while working to control costs.  

Property Law


The attorneys at Hurter & Wilson, P.A. are ready to assist you with all of your property law needs.  From helping landlords with promblematic tenants to homeowners struggling with uncooperative insurance companies or homeowners' associations, we are earger to help you solve your property law issues.   

Contract Drafting 

Contracts make up a large part of life, but rarely do individuals or business owners take time to read the fine print. That said, a contract is typically the best place to protect your interests should something go wrong in the future.  Let us draft a professional and understandable contract that protects your interests without loading down the agreement with "legalese" that can often be a deal-killer.

Dispute Resolution


Though we have the ability to litigate a dispute in court when necessary, we strive to help our clients solve problems with less stressful and more cost-effective solutions whenever possible. If you feel like you've done everything possible but still haven't achieved a positive result, contact Hurter & Wilson, P.A. for assistance.

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