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Our Firm

Hurter Wilson is Florida law firm founded by two attorneys determined to deliver a better product to their clients.  
We realize that many individuals and businesses have prior experiences working with professionals that were "less than optimal."  Issues such as lackluster communciation and customer service often leave clients in the dark, unsure of what they are paying for and the status of their case.  
Our promise to you is that regardless of what your legal needs may be, we will help you understand your options, create a plan, and then execute on that plan efficiently without sacrificing effectiveness.
The attorneys at Hurter Wilson also understand the cost of legal counsel is frequently a concern. As a small and independent law firm, we have the ability to enter into creative fee arrangements that help individuals and business owners afford high quality legal services without disrupting their day-to-day lives and cash flow.
If you're looking for an attorney who will give your affairs the attention they deserve, contact us now to schedule a consultation.
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